AHP Welds Company Review

AHP Welds Company Review

Welding has been a profession that many would think it’s just the basic joining of metals using some source of energy and that’s all. AHP Welds have taken the career specifications and made something that is more than the layman’s thinking. AHP is a company that specializes in TIG welding where they provide a broad range of equipment from large machines (inclusive of MIG) and other tools and accessories that are necessary or of interest to a welder. Any welder can shop for items from the site since the manufacturing specifications cover from a minor welder to industrial ones. The trading venture was introduced earlier though the copyright information dates from 2014. Also supported is information regarding procedures in manuals and safety measures that are crucial to any welding practitioner. Everything that the company is involved in is certified, and the products are backed up by warranty information that varies depending on the purchased item. If you are familiar with any Alpha TIG equipment in your welding arsenal, then you know AHP.

Here is what they provide to their clients:

Special offers from AHP

Products categorization

Since they deal with what welders need, their products are categorized as follows:
Welders: This includes all machines for TIG welders, Stick and Arc, MIG welding and plasma cutters.
Other tools and accessories: Among the tools are items that can be used by the welder like air compressors, to enhance performance or protect them from hazards.
TIG torches and accessories: This section comprises different types of flashlights for TIG welders and other accessories that these type of welders can use.
MIG accessories: MIG welders are not left out, and there are items for them too built to standard.
Consumables: What welders use while welding from time to time.

Special offers

Some of the products have special offers that can’t be ignored by any buyer. They include subsidized prices, gifts, and discounts among other offers that are available depending on the targeted category or products.

User manual

For customers who need to know more about a purchased product especially the welders and plasma cutters, there is information provided in the user manual’s category and it’s based on models so you can choose your type of interest and read more about it.


Too much-written information is sometimes tedious to read, and that’s why AHP has videos that a user can streamline to information from those who are experienced or other buyers who have used the same product as the purchased one.

User accounts

There are privileges associated with creating an account. With a user’s account, the checkout process is faster, and you can have more than one shipping address. You can also be able to track what you have ordered.

News and articles

There are information pieces that are released from time to time depending on the addressed issue that comprises valuable information to educate welders. They can procedure instructions to make sure you get something right or safety measures and what’s trending in the welding world.

Authorized dealers

Other e-commerce sites have merged with AHP to sell products and target a wider customer base. Some of the best deals on AHP can be found on Amazon.

Technical support

Any questions regarding the purchased goods or complaints are handled by staff dedicated to providing technical assistance necessary to clients. They can be reached through the website or calls and emails.

Warranty information

There is detailed information pertaining warranty which is under terms of use. Warranty is issued if the buyer purchased their items from the manufacturer’s site or an authorized dealer. Also included is shipping information and how to handle the return process in case of defects.

Customers’ reviews

Many buyers have stormed to purchase AHP welder products in different categories and from various dealers. The general message is the same from both the starters and experienced welders who need upgrades: ‘Using AHP products brings to a whole new world of experience.’ Those in need of assistance have a platform to ask for it, and the support is always recommendable to any welder. Something to note, though, different products have raised different views.