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Being in the daily life of a welder, you need to move things at some point such as going to a different section of your garage or a large processing industry. Something that is evident when moving with equipment in your company is that the machines are never light for a little one to help you carry them around which gives you an idea of a welding cart. Welding machines and plasma cutters are some of the things that you need most when on a welding activity among other safety equipment like your helmet. What you carry around mostly also includes wires which need to be taken care of when movement is involved. The best welding carts are ideal problem solvers especially when large machines for heavy duty use are required. A welding cart that suits your needs should be sized to carry what you need should be made of durable materials and some storage space, which as a welder, you should be conversant with how it saves the day.

Most welders agree to one thing; no cart is the best for everything and so, looking at the specs is something that should not be ignored before buying a welding cart if you can’t build one. Speaking of building, there is a lot of DIY stuff on the internet filled with information on how to make your cart. Most of them lead to customized welding carts that suit the maker but not you. Why? It might be too large or too small, or made of a material that you wouldn’t suggest. That leaves us with the last option; accepting that you are a novice and go on to find a cart that will suit your needs rather than the stress of building one. Now, I am going to give a guide towards choosing the best option and some of the top 3 reviews of the best welding carts available.

Your size

Are you a minor welder or a commercial one? That’s the first question towards getting the best welding cart. A small welder will probably carry his welding machine and a small gas cylinder with a helmet and other simple tools for work. So, you need a small cart that will be easy to push around, carry what you need with ease, and it should be durable enough to serve the time till when a bigger one is needed due to expansion. For the industrial welders, a bigger one, but that is not sufficient. A large trolley that has the hardest material which is resistant to wear and tear that will be able to carry large gas tanks, bigger welding machines, a helmet or two in case your friend forgot his and went ahead of you among other necessary equipment. Many sizes can suit every applicant, and this includes machines that can be bought and customized which is still an excellent option for a welder who knows what is at stake.

The best material for your welding cart

There will be no much talking here. As an adviser to buying the best welding cart, I always recommend steel. Any welder knows how hard steel goes whenever and wherever it’s used, and it beats most of other metals that can be used when looking at this consideration. You need a material that is durable as I said it before, can withstand the subjected weight and carry more than large staff and by that, I mean other accessories. The wheels. You don’t want a cart that will have trouble traveling around the garage or a working area after a month of strenuous work. So, always get a cart that has the hardest rubber that resembles that wheel you see on a wheelbarrow. Yes, such will work, and for the best. The size doesn’t matter so much, but you can consider bigger wheels if the pushing is tiresome and you need some Physics to solve too much energy use.

How much for the storage?

I have mentioned above about what you need to carry as a consideration when buying a suitable welding cart. A welder knows what needs to be brought every time he or she needs to shift to somewhere else where the expertise is required. When it comes to the storage question, what to consider is whether the chosen cart has enough space to fit what you need to move. The last thing you want is wasting money on a trolley that seems too large for whatever you are carrying or too small to carry most of the needed stuff. Also on storage, you can look at where to keep it after use. Most carts only need a small space to stand so if you have a secure place to ‘park’ it, the problem is solved.

Top Welding Carts For a Welder

The designs will fascinate anyone looking for the best welding cart to carry tanks and plasma cutters among other things. Materials are made to withstand the weight and durable enough to serve time. Any calibration you’ll see on the dimensions regard to length, width, and height in that order. Let’s go straight to what they have for a welder.

Goplus Universal Welder Cart

Goplus Universal Welder Cart Review


Being a rather cheap welding cart, the Goplus Universal Welder Cart is the ultimate solution to keeping all your tools and supplies in order. It is a necessary equipment for a plasma cutter or an MIG welder. Here are the features:

  • 100 lbs weight capacity
  • Overall: 28”x15”x28.”
  • The size of the drawer: 7”x11.4.”
  • Top tray: 11”x17.3.”
  • Rear wheels diameter: 6.”
  • Front wheels diameter: 2.5.”
  • Steel construction
  • Safety chains

Something, to begin with, is the steel construction that makes up the trolley. It is durable enough to use for a long time, and the finishing enhances long service delivery. The weight that the cart supports shows that it can be utilized by a standard welder, either on the minor level or one who is not too busy to be classified under commercial. The dimensions suit everything that has to do with the cart from storing it to carrying your equipment whether a welding machine or a cutter. For the wheels, the front wheels are smaller than the rear ones, and it is flexible to help in changing the direction of navigation. The rear wheels are bigger and fixed to facilitate locomotion and smooth rolling. Also included are two safety chains to hold the gas cylinder and keep it secure.


The cart functions well when used by a small welder, but it doesn’t come with directions on how to assemble it. If not properly configured, you might get something wrong but the problem can be solved using the diagram provided and asking help from a profession is not a bad idea towards realizing a whole cart ready to serve the welder.

I would recommend this welding cart to all small but established welders since most of them in this caliber have recommended it as the best welding cart. What you read in the description is what you get after ordering for those who love honesty to the last bit. The top tray is lockable, and the rest can be pulled out and inserted back with ease.


Hot Max WC100 Welding/Plasma Cutter Cart

Hot Max WC100 Welding/Plasma Cutter Cart


Number two on my welding carts reviews goes to Hot Max model cart with an overall rating of 4.2 out of five; so close to number one for a reason. It suits MIG welder and plasma cutter just like the winner trolley, and the material is durable enough for quality service. The features include:

  • Durable steel construction
  • No handle distraction
  • Maximum storage space
  • Safety chains
  • Lead hooks
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Dimensions: 13”x33”x29.”

The WC100 welding cart is another perfect move for an MIG welder or plasma cutter which is backed up by the strong steel material for construction with a durable coating to suggest that the cart ‘is here to stay’ after buying. This also implies that the cart will carry the heavy items on your list of ‘welder travel guide’ inclusive of the less weighted. There is a handle that is easy to pull and doesn’t disturb the leads, and the wheels are 6” on the back and 2.5” on the front, best for strolling with luggage on it. You need somewhere extra to store more equipment, and this welding cart takes care of that with an extra tray. Also on the cart are safety chains that you can use to hold the tanks if you’re carrying a welder. You’ll note some lead hooks on both sides of the welding cart. They can be used to manage the cables when moving. The length dimension is exclusive of the wheels and lead hooks, but it is a suitable size for a welder who has something to carry.

Any flaws?

Some welders might be confused on whether their plasma cutter will fit on the bottom shelf. The answer is no, and it’s specified for either a welder or a plasma cutter, so both at the same time is not a good idea. If you have a cutter that is small enough to fit in there, thumbs up for you. Otherwise, use it for consumables, your phone, and pliers among other small items.

I would recommend this cart as a substitute to any other ranging in the same price. It has more of heavy metal and assembling it easy if you follow the instructions correctly. Also, if you are a welder with nothing much on your to-do list, go for this option while stocks last.


Eastwood MIG TIG Welder Plasma Cutter Welding Cart

Eastwood MIG TIG Welder Plasma Cutter Welding Cart


The third one but not the list is the Eastwood welding cart that has a rating of four out of five. It is an rather cheap welding cart for any welder who is starting his or her business since the specifications allow it. Here are the features:

  • Top shelf dimension: 20”x11.”
  • Strong durable material
  • Enough storage space
  • Gas bottle mount
  • Heavy duty front castor wheels
  • Molded heavy duty rear wheels
  • Durable finishing
  • Front mounted handle
  • Side hooks

Eastwood came up with this product with a welder’s mind put into consideration. The steel material is durable to deal with the activities, and the finishing supports prolonged use. The bottom shelf offers storage space for a cutter, and the middle one is suitable for the accessories. The top shelf can hold an MIG welder especially if you have an MIG 135 or 175. Where the gas bottle is mounted has a TIG rod holder to store more tubes. The wheels are made to be sturdy and move when pushed thanks to the heavy duty type. A front handle is also available when to help you maneuver as you push the cart around, so navigation is also considered. Side hooks will enable you to store cables.

Any flaws?

When subjected to too much weight, the welding cart tends to wobble and pushing it becomes a bit difficult. The handle helps in controlling the movement, but this cart is suitable for one who has an 80CF gas bottle or less.
I recommend this welding cart to any welder who needs a large cart to hold up to two welders plus a cutter. With nothing beyond heavy weight, you can handle the cart easily, and it doesn’t take much of the room or working area space if you are outside.


My Top Recommendation

With all the above products put into consideration, the Goplus welding cart wins the race here. This cart is durable due to strong steel and finishing not to mention more storage space in the drawers. It supports the weight on it without a problem hence a top recommendation with a high rating.