Best Welding Reels for the Money 2017 Reviews & Buying Guide

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Welding is a job that requires skills, expertise and the necessary safety measures to ensure one thing; your job runs well and as expected. For matters dealing with efficiency and safety, this position requires a welding reel among other dependable things that is durable and helps you run your activities smoothly. The best welding reels aim at reducing workspace accidents by keeping the cables and hoses away from the floor. Looking at cable reels that handle the electrical work, you can make one or order one. My guess is, (which is correct) most of us cannot make a reel and unless you know someone who does it, searching can be another task on top of making one. That is why there are ready made reels that are engineered specifically for welding that doesn’t need retrofitting and fit to function.

Not every cable or hose reel will do as expected or stay long enough as you work on metals every day and movements being part of it. Welders, especially the commercial ones can attest to something if asked about their reels, ‘not every welding reel is good enough.’ The distinction it makes when used comes as a result of gauging whether it’s a reliable tool after spending your savings on the purchase or not. First things first, let’s look at the types of cable reels available.

Types of cable reels

Whether you made one or went to look for one at a dealer’s store, cable reels are distinguished by what makes them i.e. the material. Durability and quality are characteristics that are tested by the reel type, and I will look at some of the types that are there for everyone in the welding business. I’ll start with the most basic ones down to the common active ones available for sale.


I started with this material for the sake of showing how basic one can start when you need a cable reel. Such reels are referred to as wooden reels or drums, but I won’t be using ‘drums’ (sounds a bit out of line). There are three different types of wooden reels available: steel-tyred types that can be used in more than one application of reels, those used for exporting purposes and one-way reels for a single trip. They are perfect on a construction site especially in railway and other significant developments where welding is required, and the cable needs to be moved further and further. They are suitable if the wire length is too long but wear off quickly since everyone who uses them always means massive workload.

Plywood Reels

Another option for those visiting construction sites is the plywood cable reels. If the construction or any other field work needing welding doesn’t require long wires and the cable is not that heavy, then it’s a good option. But they are not much recommended if you want something to use for long. Why? These types of reels are either made of birch or poplar ply making them strong for the first use and the second one probably, so in a regular welding exercise, the plywood reels will serve the moment and then be good for scrap.

Plastic reels

A lightweight option. Plastic reels are made from recycled materials and environmental friendly in addition to conservation. This option is for the welders who don’t need to move the cable for more than 10 meters, and the cable is not one of the heavy ones.

Steel reels

Here is something that has taken over in the welding profession and has replaced the wooden reels. There is also an option for making collapsible (can be collapsed at will) steel drums or collapsible steel reels. They are manufactured to be user and eco-friendly and durable enough to cover the costs of purchasing reels over time. They are secure, a major reason for preference in industries. You can use any load range of cables on the steel type making it multi-purpose.

Lead reels

Another material used to make cable reels is lead. It is an excellent choice for the make due to durability and the quality compliments that. The performance doesn’t raise complaints whether the cable was short or long and the mounting base is a specification that you’ll like due to the material’s strength.

Best materials

If you want a durable welding reel that functions as expected, easy to use and maintain and has bearable weight among other relevant considerations, then you need the best material on your reel to avoid unnecessary struggles. I have explained to you the different types of materials used to make welding reels, and from a good sense of judgment, most of the welders will opt for steel and lead. I rank steel to be number one due to proven durability, the best performance in any application, some designs are multi-purpose. Lead will be number two since despite sharing the characteristics of steel reels, lead is not such a good material for environment especially when it is disposed of, due to old age for instance.

Anything else that will suit welding reels buying guide

As I was discussing the various types of cable reels available, I mentioned something to do with the weight which is an aspect that you have to consider and it’s two-sided – weight of the cable and the reel itself. You need something that is easy to carry if your cable is not one of the long ones. A robust and durable one is suitable if you have long cables that travel with you for long as you work on the metals especially when outside or in a big warehouse where commercial production is in progress. I don’t need to stress how important cost is since it defines whether you will spend on a welding reel that will work with you faithfully and give you the desired service for long or make you go back and purchase another one due to break down or can’t handle the workload. Maintenance, ease of use and eco-friendly are other things that you need to look at for a successful welding reel search.
Now, with such information at your fingertips, let me take you through some of the welding reels that are available for you who is looking for one to fit the intended purpose and see the reason why they meet every welder, whether in a small garage or going places to fix the metals.

Dual Hose Hand Crank Welding Reel

Dual Hose Hand Crank Welding Reel for oxy-acetylene


The first one the list is a Dual Hose Hand Crank Welding reel from Coxreels. It is a suitable equipment for a welder and here are the features that make it possible.

  • Dual hose hand crank made for oxy-acetylene
  • T-grade
  • 3/8” 250’ hose capacity
  • No hose
  • 200 Pascal
  • 59 LBS

This type of welding reel is made for the welders who move around their working area especially in garages, and it supports two tubes making it flexible regarding use. The hose capacity fit for the reel about 6 meters long cable with 3/8” diameter. The only thing that should be out of the picture when buying are the twin hoses, as it doesn’t come with any. You can weld comfortably when pressure is at 200 PSI (Pascal), and the weight is bearable enough – 59 LBS. The metallic reel is durable enough and easy to use as you progress. The size makes it fit to use in any place and can be well positioned on the ground – 28-7/8” x 18-5/8” x 17-5/8”.

Coxreels 170-SD-35 SD Series Welding Reels

Coxreels 170-SD-35 Sd Series Welding Hose Reel


Another one of the hose reels is the Coxreels 170-SD-35 Sd that is made to offer ease of cable use when welding especially in constructions. Here are the features and specifications that make it a suitable option:

  • CNC spun and ribbed discs
  • CPC powder coat finish
  • Heavy duty steel
  • Hose O.D. – 5/32”

The CNC robotically spun discs that are ribbed with rolled edges are durable and of the right quality. They are also made to be safe and stable. The finishing is made from CPC powder which forms a durable coating to protect the steel. It is an ideal problem solver when dealing with bulk twin welding hose lines since the heavy duty steel makes it possible and the specifications are construction oriented. It supports tubes with 5/32 in O.D with an overall length of 35 feet, and the width is 3/78 in. You can use it if the hose type supports combustible fuel with a pressure of 200 PSI. It is also light when carrying as the weight is just 18 lbs.

Dual Hose Bevel Gear Hand Crank

Dual Hose Bevel Gear Hand Crank


The Bevel gear welding reel is the third option. It is durable enough to support all the hose load and can be used by industrial welders. The features explain why.

  • Dual hose bevel gear hand crank
  • No hose
  • 1’2” 2/200’ hose capacity
  • 59 LBS
  • 3000 PSI

Among the common questions asked about a good welding reel, this one answers all of them in a bid to show how it appropriately fits your requirements analysis. It supports twin hoses hence dual with a hose capacity that can be used by many commercial welders. The weight is more than bearable at 59 LBS, and the supporting pressure in the tubes is 3000 PSI. For those asking about the dimensions, here they are – 34-7/8″ x 18-5/8″ x 17-5/8″.

Dual Hose Hand Crank Welding Reels

Dual Hose Hand Crank Welding Reel for oxy-acetylene


The Coxreels have continued to impress with another customized reel that almost resembles the first option though some changes that make it suitable for the lesser welders. Here is what the reel features:

  • Dual hose hand crank for oxy-acetylene & “T” grade
  • Has hose
  • 3/8” 100’ hose capacity
  • 76 LBS
  • 200 PSI

The welding hose reel supports twin hoses making it suitable for the welders with more than one gas cylinders, and the hose size is enough to be used to carry much of the hose load. Something right about this equipment – it comes with a hose, making it an added advantage. The sustained pressure is 200 PSI, and the weight will help when moving it – 76 LBS. It is a good welding reel that fits in small space. Dimension specifications are 18-7/8″ x 18-5/8″ x 17-5/8″.

Dual Hose Hand Crank Welding Reels

Dual Hose Hand Crank Welding Reel for oxy-acetylene


The last one but not the least is still from the Coxreels brand – Dual hose hand crank reel for commercial welders. It is similar to the first and fourth options, but some specifications make it another one to serve the purpose.

  • Dual hose hand crank for oxy-acetylene and “T” grade
  • Hose Capacity – 3/8” 250.’
  • 200 PSI
  • 129 LBS
  • Has hose

With all the features considered, this one is fit for commercial welders who need to maximize the profit made after the purchase. It supports dual hose carriage, and they are an appropriate choice for gas welding. It supports the pressure of up to 200 Pascal and safe while using. This equipment also comes with a hose; good value for your money. The weight is 129 LBS another thing that makes it suitable for the welders in big industries. The hose capacity also makes it able to support long hoses. It fits well if space where you place it exceeds 28-7/8″ x 18-5/8″ x 17-5/8″.

This information suits any welder who is worried on how to cater for the expansion after fulfilling the requirement of having long cables to support his or her work. Many things have been mentioned in this content to give a guideline on what you have to consider before buying a welding reel. All of them have been acquired from experiences that welders have when using a reel and when looking for one to fit to what is required of them. So, each of the considered issues can suit any welder.

Top Recommendation

With all products found in this comprehensive guideline, welders especially those in constant welding activity would prefer the first option. This is due to the following: High-quality material, carries more load, they are durable to be used for long, supports the maximum level of pressure, are appropriate for gas welders, and they are all dual hose enabled.