Hobart Welders Company Review

Hobart welders review

Hobart Welders is a company that works with welders to realize their potential by using quality products and getting the right help regarding common problems faced by welders in the current ties. The business enterprise specializes in providing quality goods and services to welders, and they have done this for quite a long time, and they will be hitting the 100-year mark in 2017. The business concern involves designing, testing and manufacturing all kinds of welder’s machines and accessories that are suitable to be used in industry, user-friendly and can be carried around. They are also backed by an industrial warranty for whatever they provide to their esteemed customers. The products cover a broad scope from farming to auto repair and they also have DIY information to that is relevant to any welder who needs assistance in task performances or accomplishing a massive project. Here is what Hobart specializes in.

Hobart special features for the welder

Hobart has covered a comprehensive guideline for a starting welder and the pro too, and the categorization through the provided links on the website gives a user easy navigation advantage. The information below breaks down the special features that the company offers:

Products categorization

The products are categorized for easy access based on what kind of a welder you are – TIG welder or the MIG welder. There are three main categories of products to choose from, and each will have a highlight of what a welder can find under each category.

Welding: In this category, there are welder/generators, wire feed welders, spool guns, TIG welders and MIG welders.

Cutting: Cutting equipment includes plasma cutters, cutters dealing with oxy-acetylene or propane, welding wire, welding helmets, and stick electrodes.

Welding accessories: They include plasma cutting, stick welding and wire welding, tools for any welder, safety gear, cables and connectors among so much more since the list is exhaustive.

Easy target for products

Hobart has simplified the way a welder or anyone else dealing with welding accessories can reach for the products while on U.S. soil. The categorization here is based on where to get accessories and equipment at authorized retails, and where you can get full line equipment to start up a welding business from this link.

Customer support

Customers have a support page where they can use the service locator to find the nearest support and register their products with a provided forum which aims at protecting a welder’s investment. There is also a lot of information that can be used by a user to upgrade and maintain their business.

Hobart E-learning center

The E-learning center is equipped with general tips and guides that have been written for different types of welders whether TIG or MIG and they are inclusive of all levels of the targeted welders.

Weld Talk discussion forum

Here is the favorite part where every welder has a chance to talk to fellow welders and the company help staff. Questions, answers, speculations and any other thing that can benefit the welding business through communication can be achieved by the provided weld talk platform.

Warranty information

Despite having the right expertise in the welding world and keeping their pace with the revolutionary changes, not every machine will work correctly despite the deployed ingenuity. That is why they have backed up each product with a 5/3/1 industrial warranty.

Customers’ reviews regarding Hobart welders

Looking at what the customers post on the Weld talk, it is clear that this is a business that has been in the welding for a long time enough to tackle every hurdle in the welding race. There is a sense of experience from those participating in reinforcing Hobart’s reputation since the time they made the earliest machines to now where they have been met and passed by every revolution regarding manipulation of metal.