Lotos Technology Company Review

Lotos Technology Company Review

Lotos Technology is a company based in California, USA where it supplies it’s welding and cutting supplies to small businesses and those who love DIY (Do-It-Yourself). Their benefits trickle more to those welders practicing their business in Sunnyvale, the head quarter’s location. Their efforts to build high-quality welders and plasma cutters that can be used even at the industry level bore fruits in 2007, and the recognition has grown ever since. They also follow up the product’s performance by collecting reviews and providing after-sale services.

The technology employed to the designed machines takes care of today’s problems involved when dealing with metal preparations. The deployed expertise aims at delivering coherent and accurate current to the cutting surface which will enable any welder using the machines to achieve clean and unbiased cuts independent of any material that the professional is acting on. Among the latest technologies that have been incorporated include the IGBT technology which is now in several of the recently released machines.

Special offers from Lotos

The company has its specialties that are grouped depending on whether ones to shop or needs other services. Here is what you get from the Californian-based TIG welders business organization.

Products categorization

Choosing what you need is dependent on whether you need any product under the following:

Partnering with other e-commerce comrades

To expand the market and reach out to more customers, Lotos has merged with the top e-commerce sites ruling the Internet-based sales which include Amazon. If you search for any Lotos products in any of these websites among others, they are available at quality prices and the products share every specification that matches those on the manufacturer’s site.

Return and repair policy

First, when a product reaches its destination, the customer is given a period of 30 days which is referred to as 30-day satisfaction. This time is issued to give room for the welder to inspect the ordered product and try it to check whether the equipment meets its specified task. If there is any defect, the product is returned by following guidelines provided in the returns and repair policy information.

User manual

You might be wondering how to operate on a product or fix a particular functionality. There are complete manuals on various products that are divided just like the products categories. They provide information from the construction to functioning and maintenance.


Customer services go beyond and include installation videos to give other users a chance watch first-hand experience from others who have used the chosen the equipment to be bought, especially for the welders and cutters. Any installation problems are mostly solved by live streaming the relevant content.

Warranty information

The warranty issuance in Lotos is a bit broadened, and it is dependent on the chosen one. Warranties provided can be included in the shipping information which is also reliant on the chosen one and whether any of that type is chosen. The broad range of products has also included free repairs within the warranty period among other considerable offers that are not easy to turn down. To say the least, the warranty here is ‘customized.’

Customers’ reviews – general impression

Many clients return to Lotos after buying their first product there, and there is a reason. The products meet the needed standards and a twist on the functionality of each equipment, or parts of the material deploy the latest technology to enhance performance and be easy to use. One of the reviews from one of the review sites recommends the customer support who have a fast response to any complaints.